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How long should you wait to follow up after an interview?

You finally had that interview for the EXACT role you wanted, and you haven't heard back yet from the recruiter or the hiring manager. You might be looking like Chandler Bing waiting for the phone to ring:

(What was Chandler's job again?)

When should you follow up?

As with most things in life, it depends.

Following the first conversation with a Recruiter: 2 Days.

If it's following the first conversation you had with a recruiter on a potential job, expect there to be on average 2 days before a recruiter usually hears back on a candidate. If you haven't heard feedback after a few days on if the firm you were sent to was interested, follow up.

Following the first conversation with the company: Same Day.

Yes, same day. What do I mean by that?

After you interview with your potential hiring manager, I always recommend following up that same day with a Thank You note. Share your appreciation to the manager for considering you for the role, and for taking the time to interview.

If you were connected to the role through a recruiter like me, follow up with the recruiter immediately following the interview to share your feedback, and draft a thank you note to send to the firm on your behalf.

Repeat this process for any mid-round interviews.

Following a Final Round Interview: 3-5 Days.

Again, I highly encourage you to share a thank you note and follow up with your recruiter immediately following a final round interview.

However, do not expect for a final offer decision to be made directly following your final interview.

Instead, expect the hiring team to circle back together to discuss the candidates in process, gain the necessary approvals from senior management, HR, and Payroll, and then share out their findings.

I have seen this process take anywhere from 2-30 days depending on the firm, It's important to stay both patient and persistent with staying close to your HR or Recruiter contact.

The job interview process can be tedious, lengthy, and ambiguous at times.

Remember to balance both your patience for the time it will sometimes take for processes to move forward, as well your persistence in your communication, and before you know it you will be holding that oh-so-coveted offer letter!

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