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Introducing the Bonker Beat

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The last few months have been some of the most transformative and revealing times of my life. The pandemic for so many of us allowed for us to reflect and learn more about ourselves that we had never known before. For me, I made an important career step to an incredible company at Unilever, which allowed me to develop both personally and professionally. I am so grateful for the journey I have been on to get to this point, and if you are one of the many people I have had the chance of working with on this journey, I want to say thank you. I believe that there is something to learn from every person and connection you make in life, and they all contribute in what makes you the person you are.

I have also discovered new passions and interests over the last year that have made a profound impact on how I view the world and see my place in it. Since graduating college I have increasingly grown interested in the world of business, personal finance, and the ever expanding world of opportunity that exists here. I am blessed to have had the opportunities I have been given to see the world through the lens I have, and even more thankful for the people who have given me the glasses to see it through. Whether it is a new company disrupting an industry, an investment theory, or just an observation of a growing business trend, I find myself wanting to talk about it. Engage in it. Write about it. That's why I have decided to create the Bonker Beat.

My hope is to channel these exciting thoughts and observations about the world of business, life, and investing in this blog. I believe there is no greater time in history to be alive and be a part of this crazy world we are living in. This is not to discredit all of the challenges we as a society face, to which there are many. This is to say that the opportunity presented in front of us is truly unlike one we have ever seen before. We will see technological advances in the next 10 years greater than that of the previous 100 combined. Just one year ago, the world looked completely different than it does today. We went to work. Now, many of us work anywhere. We learned that with the power of technology, we can reshape what our typical day has to look like. We will see a dramatic rise in people finding new resources of time and energy that have been given to them from the changing dynamics of travel. Imagine the potential that will unlock. I truly believe we will see a growth in the power of the individual that we have never seen before. I want to share this optimism, and this view with the rest of the world.

So I hope you follow along, and enjoy the ride. It's going to be Bonkers.


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