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NFTs to Crypto: The Future of Blockchain, presented by Hirect

As most of you have been able to tell through some of my previous blogs and content, I am STOKED about crypto and blockchain technology.

The invention of blockchain technology will completely disrupt so many industries, while unlocking countless new opportunities for individuals in the process. We are watching the blockchain transformation literally unfold in front of us in real time- and with that disruption will bring about a whole new wave of innovation and growth when it comes to job opportunities.

I wanted to write a BonkerBeat for all of those out there that have an interest in crypto, or are considering wanting to gain more understanding of some of the opportunities that will come of its rise in adoption.

The folks over at Hirect are putting on a webinar tomorrow, November 18th, at 2PM EST to learn how to land a job and hear from industry leaders on hiring tips and available positions that are centered around Crypto, NFTs, Blockchain Tech, and other related fields. (link to register at end of post)

As someone who has been taking some extra time lately to dive into the crypto-universe, I was immediately drawn to learn more about this seminar given the cast of speakers, and their roles within the crypto landscape.

Here's a breakdown of some of the speakers, most notably Masha Boone, who is the VP of People at Rarible, one of the most recognized NFT marketplaces currently out there today.

Lesley Baughman, Head of People at Horizen Labs

Boomer Saraga, Co-Founder and CEO at Khelp Crypto

Pryce Adade-Yebesi, Co-Founder at Utopia Labs

I'll be checking out this webinar tomorrow just to get some insights and hear from industry leaders within the crypto space where they see it moving in the future. The blockchain industry as a whole moves incredibly quick, and those that are on the edge of the industry and putting forth the effort to network within it will be the ones who benefit the greatest.

I highly urge you if there is at all any curiosity or interest for crypto, blockchain, NFTs, or other related decentralized finance fields to log in and check out this webinar. I have the registration link below, and I look forward to hearing what our community has to say about it!

Registration Link: REGISTER HERE


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