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Quick Recruitment Tip 11/23

As I begin to progress in my role as a Senior Recruitment Consultant at Michael Page, I thought something I can start doing here on the BonkerBeat is having a weekly "Quick Tip" for those of you out there that may be testing the job market.

I will be posting these blogs directly to my LinkedIn as well, so be sure to follow and connect with me there if you have not yet already!

This week's recruiter quick-tip is about your LinkedIn profile.

First and foremost, if you have not already done so, it is EXTREMELY important to have your LinkedIn as up to date as possible. Include in your job experience your day-to-day responsibilities, and be sure to include key words, software programs you use, and accomplishments. All of this additional content in your LinkedIn profile will yield you more search results on the recruiter's side, giving you more potential opportunities coming your way.

Furthermore, a common mistake I see people make on their LinkedIn profile's is their LOCATION. Your location is one of the most important parts of a recruiters search (yes, even in this remote world.)

DO NOT have your location be your hometown. Make your location the city or state you want to work in. Recruiters on LinkedIn typically filter their search to the city or location the job they are hiring for is based in. So adjust accordingly.

Here is a TikTok video I made discussing this very topic!

Best of luck to all you job-seekers out there!


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