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The Weatherman

My morning routine starts every day with a cup of coffee on the Keurig, (mostly a Dunkin K-Cup guy, but I usually rotate every few months) and then I shuffle over to my couch and turn on my TV.

Before I go to change the channel to CNBC in the morning, my TV defaults to the local news channel, NJ Channel 12.

And every single morning without fail, I catch the morning weather report, from the same local news weatherman.

I don't even know his name, I just know that every single morning that same guy is standing in front of that greenscreen talking about the sunshine or the rain or something in between.

One morning recently I watched him do his segment and I realized just how passionate this guy seemed to be about the weather.

And to me - that seems crazy. If I had to guess, this guy has been driving to work every morning for the last 20-30 years, getting on his suit and tie, and standing in front of a camera to talk about the same damn thing.

"It's gonna be a hot one this week!"

"We're gonna have some showers on Tuesday!"

"Look at that sunshine on Sunday, going to a beauty!"

Just the weather.

Every. Single. Day.

But then the coffee beans started to finally hit and I realized how incredible that is.

What this guy was able to figure out better than 99% of people out there in the workforce is what he is passionate about. I know he is passionate about the weather because I decided to look him up, and I was spot on, he's been the weatherman at News 12 since 1997, so basically since I've been alive.

You don't do something for 26 years and 8 months straight that you don't love.

If you're reading this blog, it's likely because you've seen some of my content around career advice or updates on the job market.

And the odds are more likely than not that you yourself are looking for a new job.

(LinkedIn recently did a study that showed nearly 70% of Gen Z & Millennial workers plan to leave their job in 2023.)

I speak to a lot of candidates that are looking to leave their job, and often times they're leaving because they don't like the culture of their firm, or they want more money, or their boss isn't treating them well.

But what many fail to consider is that maybe the subject matter of their job is just not what interests them.

If you are an accountant and don't like accounting, then no matter how many different firms you go to or bosses you have, you are still not going to like your job.

You need to ask yourself what you are passionate about.

Go do that.

Because if you don't even half enjoy what you do for work, there is just no way that you are going to be successful at it. You will only get so far before you get bored of it, and then eventually resent it for wasting your time working on it.

So go be like Mr. James Gregorio, Senior Meteorologist at News12, and find your sunshine.

You've only got one career to live.

Don't let it rain on your parade.



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