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Why you should write.

I have been writing consistently for over a year now, and I feel comfortable in saying it is one of the best decisions I have made in my professional career.

I think writing has a preconceived notion to many of being a chore, or a task. My theory is that many associate writing to homework assignments and college papers that bring on memories of challenge or stress. (Those 5 page research papers in high school that you waited 'till the night before they were due to start, can't say I miss those)

However writing over this past year has provided me with so many benefits, and I want to share some of them with my audience here in hopes that maybe I can encourage someone out there to try it as well.

Writing provides time for deeper thought and reflection.

In a world that is dominated by 7-second viral videos and scrolls of 140 characters or less, it has become increasingly difficult to allow yourself to have more concentrated and deep thought. I've wrote about the battle for attention, and how undervalued many of us give to our time and focus.

When I get into writing about a topic on my blog, it allows me to exercise a part of my brain that unfortunately lays dormant for much of the day once work begins. It allows me to reflect, and often times in these moments of reflection I am gifted with new or creative ideas that I can deploy either in my content or in my role as a consultant at Michael Page.

Setting aside time to have more concentrated focus and longer-form thought can provide mental clarity as well as new and creative ideas to flow.

Sharing your perspective will build credibility and your personal brand.

Since I started writing, I've had strangers and old friends alike reach out to me and express their appreciation for my perspective. I have also noticed that as I have consistently published over the last year and a half, I have begun to gain more credibility in the areas I cover.

I write about topics that interest me, from personal finance to career development. I am passionate about these subjects not only because they garner my curiosity, but they also directly impact and improve the lives of others. Thanks to the power of social media and the internet, distribution of information is free and at our finger tips instantly. Having a platform where you can share your passion and expertise to the world is a massive opportunity.

Whether it's writing, or photography, or video- however you want to express yourself through content, you will begin to bolster your personal brand. You quite literally have full control over how you want to brand yourself to the world. That is an incredible thing. Use it. I guarantee if you can stay consistent with it, you will see the benefit.

There is no downside to writing

The only cost of writing and sharing your perspective to the world is the time it takes to put the pen to paper. I understand that there is only so much time in the day, and with work, friends, exercise, family, the new season of Stranger Things, there's a lot you need to prioritize.

But if you can even segment 20 minutes of your day to just sit down, focus your thoughts, and write what's on your mind, with time you will see positive results. You will also see growth in your ability to write, which in itself is a very rewarding feeling.

I have always wanted to express myself ever since I was a little kid. So I recognize putting myself out there to the world probably has come easier to me than what it will be to many who are more introverted.

If the fear of judgement is what holds you back from clicking publish, I want to encourage you to stop thinking so harshly of both yourself and your audience. When you first start writing, you most likely won't have many people read your stuff anyway. It takes time and credibility before you can see any significant consistency in your readership. That's okay. Most likely you won't be that good in the beginning anyway, so in a way it's good no one's reading it!

Whether you want to start writing about finance, technology, media, sports, whatever it is that excites you- I encourage you to start. Making creative thought and expression a part of your routine will allow for you to gain more mental clarity, as well as new ideas. It will strengthen your reputation in your network and build a community. And it will provide to you opportunities that you otherwise never would have had before you started.




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